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This is our blog for those who want to learn about rare and exotic plants with an emphasis on rare fruit and edibles (and occasional other topics).

Information on growing, finding, using and conserving  rarefruit and uncommon plants.


Welcome to the Quisqualis Rarities Blog

Welcome to the Quisqualis Rarities  Blog! We are developing a blog here with the following contents:

  • Botanical: You are currently looking at it. It will contain commentary on the Botanical and Horticultural aspects of rare plants. There may be occasional diversions into other areas but we promise to keep them minimal.

  • Recipes: You have grown the plants, they fruited or matured – what do you DO with them now? Recipes contains information about the various uses you might find for your harvest.

  • Linkblog: We are developing a link section of the site. Please see Quisqualis.com links in the meantime.

  • Rarities Photoblog: This area is to be developed so that we can all showcase some of our photos.

Enter The Quisqualis Rarities Blog

We hope you enjoy this latest effort in our quest to promote the enjoyment, use, conservation and growing of rare plants.


Rare Fruit and Plant Information

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Quisqualis.com is an educational web site that promotes the growing, conservation and usage of rare fruit and edibles throughout the world with an emphasis on the tropics.

You will find articles and photographs covering a wide range of rare edible plants, book & product reviews, interesting links, selected sale items and more. s

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